Weblog publishing behaviour of librarianship and information science students: a case study

En el último número de Information Research publican nuestro trabajo Tramullas, J. & Garrido, P. (2011). Weblog publishing behaviour of librarianship and information science students: a case studyInformation Research, 16, 1, paper 456.

Introduction. The ‘blogosphere’ is a space with digital information in which social networks form that offer countless application possibilities. In this technology-mediated context, it is feasible to study the performance and approaches of production, diffusion, relationship and use of information from different perspectives..
Method. Quantitative data were obtained through the regular examination of the blogs maintained by students and qualitative data were obtained from reports by the students and self-assessment questionnaires.
Analysis. Simple counts of quantitative data were obtained, without further statistical analysis. The qualitative data were reviewed for insights into the motivations of students.
Results. Given a free choice, most students adopted the Blogger platform for their blogs. Most blogs consisted of content reported from elsewhere and were not continued by the students following the end of the exercise.
Conclusions. Students adopted an instrumental approach to the exercise, doing enough to complete the course requirements but not being sufficiently engaged to continue their blogs. Preliminary work based on basic competences is necessary in both collaboration processes and Web 2.0 technology to obtain satisfactory results in the use of Weblogs as teaching and learning tools.

Se trata de una revisión mejorada y ajustada del texto original que presentamos al Information Seeking in Context 2010. Damos las gracias al Prof. Tom Wilson por su trabajo de edición.