Topic Maps

Después de una larga espera, y alguna que otra vicisitud, finalmente se ha publicado nuestro capítulo de referencia sobre Topic Maps. La referencia bibliográfica es Garrido Picazo, P. y Tramullas, J., (2014). «Topic Maps». In: Sicilia, M.A. (ed.) Handbook of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies. Singapore, World Scientific, p. 157-183.

Abstract: Topic Maps, and their XTM specification, have been revealed as a powerful tool especially designed to describe and organize digital information resources in the last decade. The availability of the ISO standard, and its specialization and revision, reflect the importance of the description scheme, as well as their gathering market and the increasing number of users. The standard specifications have been widely discussed in the specialized bibliography, but a deeper study about the available software collection tools that allow Topic Maps implementation is needed. This work, starting from the Topic Maps definition, details the current available management tools, and comments the integration of Topic Maps with other metadata schemes.

Como podéis imaginar, es un texto de pago, por lo que no hay versión Open Access. Eso sí, han liberado promocionalmente el primer capítulo del libro, escrito por M.A. Sicilia, y titulado Metadata Research: Making Digital Resources Useful Again?