Research on Wikipedia Vandalism: a brief literature review

En la 4th Spanish Conference in Information Retrieval CERI 2016 presentamos el short paper Tramullas J., Garrido-Picazo, P y Sánchez-Casabón, A.I. «Research on Wikipedia Vandalism: a brief literature review«. DOI

Abstract: Research on vandalism in Wikipedia has been of interest for the last decade. This paper performs a literature review on the subject, with the goal of identifying the main research topics and approaches, methods and techniques used. 67 papers have been reviewed. Results showed that the authorship of three-quarters of papers are from Computer Science researchers. Other identified authors come from Humanities and Social Sciences, and Education. Main topic is the detection of vandalism, although there is a increasing interest about content quality. The most commonly used technique is machine learning, based on feature analysis. It draws attention to the lack of research on information behavior of vandals.

Keywords: Wikipedia; vandalism; literature review.