International Journal on Zombie Information Studies: call for papers

En 2017 se presenta el call for papers de una nueva revista evaluada del campo de las disciplinas de la información, biblioteconomía y documentación: International Journal on Zombie Information Studies.

International Journal on Zombie Information Studies is a new serious, rigorous, and peer-reviewed journal, published by the prestigious academic publishing Scientific Deaths (Dead Man Climb, Arizona, USA). IJoZIE first volumen will start its publication in 2017, with four annual issues. International Journal on Zombie Information Studies it is no included in the list of predatory scholarly journals.

This journal will publish theoretical studies, study cases and systematic reviews on the following topics:

  • Zombie information behaviour.
  • Library and information services for zombies.
  • Zombies in the archives.
  • Zombies and social networks; zombie community managers.
  • Zombie information literacy.
  • Zombie personal information management.
  • Bibliometric studies on zombie information science.
  • Zombie information curation.

International Journal on Zombie Information Studies will not publish studies about vampires, werewolves and superheroes, for which there are prestigious journals in these fields. Papers in the journal will be indexed on the most prestigious index: Web Of Saians, Eskopus, Gúguel Eskolar… and included in LISA, MISA, PISA, RISA and so on… Interested authors can submit their papers to Zombieland Inc.

Important Dates: Deathline now…



  • Eugene Garland: «International Journal on Zombie Information Studies covers an important gap in the literature, in an area with a great future»
  • Melvyn Dewey: «This book breaks new ground on the organization of the books on the shelves»

PD: actualización de la versión original publicada en la lista de correo IWETEL, el 28 de diciembre de 2012 :-). Ningún plagiador universitario ha sido dañado o herido durante la redacción de este documento…